GSM Magazine spread by BJ Ball

One of the things that has always impressed me about the print and packaging industry is the continued focus on quality and innovation. We’ve had to weather a number of storms, especially over the last few years, and yet we continue to evolve and find new ways to jump over the hurdles in our path and to solve the problems our clients need us to solve.

So I think it’s interesting that as we face a seemingly endless series of challenges on the back of the Covid pandemic – a tight labour market, extended supply chain issues, climate change and sustainability demands, rising inflation and a cost of living crisis – the advice from the experts is all about quality and innovation. Something I feel is in our DNA as an industry.

There’s a number of reports from the likes of Harvard Business SchoolMcKinsey and QBS Corporate that explore the importance and benefit of innovation and quality, particularly in challenging times. As outlined in the McKinsey report, history shows us that the companies that invest in innovation in difficult times come out the back end much stronger than the competition.

The QBS and Harvard articles outline the opportunity to increase profits, drive greater efficiency and consistency, improved customer satisfaction and the reduction in risk that comes with higher levels of quality. There’s also the potential for lower costs, improved employee satisfaction and a reduction in waste. All of which help serve your sustainability efforts.

But I didn’t put pen to paper to talk about quality and innovation, as important as I think they are. I actually wanted to share or remind you of what I think is an equally important priority – singing your praises. I think if you’re going to the trouble of being amazingly innovative and/or creating incredibly high quality work, then I think you should tell everybody about it. And what better place to do it than in GSM Magazine.

GSM Magazine was created to celebrate the quality and innovation in graphic design and print in New Zealand and Australia. It’s a great way to showcase your incredible work to thousands of industry professionals and colleagues. Published twice per year, with a print run of 4,000 copies, it’s a great way to be seen and celebrated and to promote your capabilities to future clients.

There’s also an opportunity to influence the content we publish in each edition. If you’ve got any ideas, feedback or comments – we’d love to hear from you. Send the editor a message here.

At the discretion of the editor, GSM may accept paid advertising which meets our standards. If you are interested in advertising in GSM magazine – please send the editor a request for the current GSM Advertising Rates Card here.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss the above in more detail, I’d welcome the opportunity.