13 Spirits

Portfolio Categories: Roll Label Platforms.

Released in September 2019, this package, celebrating the 51st year of Rapid Labels, was created as both a keepsake and also an inspirational showcase of ideas. The box contains 13 contour cut flat acrylic bottles each featuring a label for a faux alcohol brand.

Each label uses a different stock (mainly from the Wausau range of speciality labels) printed using distinctive embellishments. One of these embellishments is a lenticular lens, the first of it’s kind to be produced on a reel-fed label in NZ

The bottles are contained within this purpose designed lightbox – a flick of the switch illuminates each acrylic bottle in turn.

CREATIVE: Rapid Labels / Mat Bogust @ Think Packaging
PRINT: Rapid Labels:Label Printing
ICG: Box Printing
Newton Cutting Forms: Acrylic Cutting
CLIENT: Rapid Labels (Self Promotion)
PROJECT: 13 Spirits
STOCK: A variety of stock mainly from the BJ Ball Wausau range
PRINT SPEC: Various digital, flexo and offset print methods are used employing both CMYK and spot colour. Embellishments include: lenticular lens, foils,embossing,debossing, heat stamping and glow in the dark ink