Home Compostable Courier Bags

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Being the busy bees we are, the team at BJ Ball send out a significant number of courier parcels each year. Like many businesses, smaller sized parcels make up the bulk of our outgoing deliveries. Historically, these went out using custom printed plastic courier bags -something we were not overly thrilled about, we wanted a greener solution. So we put our feelers out through our global supply network to find an alternative solution – and here it is! Introducing the new BJ Ball Courier Bag.

Courier satchels need to be lightweight, strong and water resistant which is why plastic has always been the ‘go-to’ material…but of course most synthetics are non-biodegradable and simply end up contributing to landfill. Our version is made from Kraft paper – which is biodegradable. However on it’s own this stock is neither strong enough for use as a courier bag nor weather resistant. To create a durable bag we have added an inner layer of our new BJ Ball Home Compostable Film, a protective lining made from plant based materials (sugar cane, cassava and corn).

This means our courier bag can be disposed of along with other organic waste and will naturally decompose – no landfill, no specialised composting (in fact the BJ Ball Home Compostable Film is certified home compostable under the European standard OK Home Compost and the Australian Standard ABA AS5810). Plus as our bags don’t use a traditional adhesive strip to seal, there’s no additional waste. We are so excited by the product we have added it to our range!

Feeling inspired? You can purchase our A4 courier bags online here or if you are after your own custom printed version – we can arrange this for you, just give us a call!

CREATIVE: Design Fuel
PROJECT: Home Compostable Courier Bags
STOCK: 45gsm Unbleached Kraft paper, Home Compostable Film 50um