Queen Ann Chocolates

Portfolio Categories: Board Platforms.

Exquisite handmade chocolate gifts for every occasion deserves premium packaging.

Whiteness, printability, food graded, the ability to withstand the rigours of transport and retail as well as looking great on the shelf are all factors which needed to be taken into consideration when selecting a board for this job.

Crescendo is a premium packaging board. It comes either one or two side coated, is ultra white with high brightness and has a smooth surface ideally suited to high end printing and graphical work.

Crescendo is all about quality and owns a reputation for outstanding runnability, printability and on press consistency. Crescendo is FDA approved making it safe for food packaging and applications where the scent, taste or purity of a product must be unaffected.

PRINT: Pakworld
CLIENT: Queen Ann Chocolate
PROJECT: Queen Ann Marshmallow Santas
STOCK: Crescendo 1 sided 493 um
PRINT SPEC: CMYK + Metallic Gold & Silver