United Fish Co Greenshell Mussels

Portfolio Categories: Board Platforms.

FMCG products require a packaging that is both robust and looks good on the shelf or in this case the freezer. It needs to withstand the rigours of transportation and refrigeration.

Tiger FBB is the choice of board. Tiger FBB is a cost effective multi-layered, one side double coated, folding box board (FBB). It has high bulk and excellent stiffness. Both sides of the board can be effectively printed, with the coated side allowing for more complex graphics, and an array of post print embellishments. FDA approved for safe and direct contact with both dry and fatty foods, Tiger FBB is ideal for food service, FMCG goods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging.

*Tiger FBB is available as FSC® on request*

PRINT: Pakworld
CLIENT: United Fish Co
PROJECT: Greenshell Mussels
STOCK: BJ Ball TigerFBB 490um