Smarter Packaging Platforms with BJ Ball

Packaging matters more now – than ever. It’s no longer just about packaging being your ‘off the shelf silent salesman’ – packaging is now an integral part of your brand story. The world is changing and consumers are seeking out products that can demonstrate a greener, smarter approach to business. This is what we mean by Smarter Packaging Platforms. Packaging Platforms that add to your overall value proposition.

BJ Ball Packaging is a leading supplier of innovative platforms & substrates for the packaging industry. Our extensive portfolio includes Board Platforms, Kraft Paper Platforms, Sheet & Roll Label Platforms and Specialist Products. BJ Ball Packaging is a think green company with an environmental solution across all our product categories. If you are looking for a smarter packaging platform – BJ Ball Packaging can provide the solution.

Board Platforms

Collection of different carton shapes

Sheet Label Platforms

Collection of containers with blank labels

Roll Label Platforms

Collection of containers with blank labels and roll labels

Kraft Paper Products

Brown paper bag and brown box of hot chips

Home Compostable Film

Roll of HCF Film and pile of dirt

Specialist Products

A big question mark

Business Service Products

Puzzle pieces forming a tooth and cog gear

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