Foxton Fizz

Portfolio Categories: Roll Label Platforms.

This ultra clear label lets the product shine for this iconic NZ brand

Printed on Yenom Crystal Clear PET by MR Labels on a narrow web Flexo press.

Compliant for food packaging, excellent resistance to heat, humidity, UV light and abrasion

“The Crystal Clear has been very successful for some of our customers. The finished product applies well and lives up to it’s name with a crystal clear finish on the product. One customer in particular tested a couple of different brands of clear BOPP and settled on the Yenom product due to it’s clear performance advantages on their high speed application line. We have been using it ever since” – MR Labels

PRINT: MR Labels
CLIENT: Foxton Fizz
STOCK: Yenom Crystal Clear PET
PRINT SPEC: Narrow web Flexo press